Some years after looking at the problems of aiming anti-aircraft guns Norbert Wiener adopted the term cybernetics to refer to systems that had a purpose. By comparing a goal state with the current state positive or negative correcting feedback was applied to satisfy the goal state.


In considering the nature of dependence and self-organisation Gordon Pask distinguished the continuous or imperative case and the bounded case where dependences had beginnings and ends. Finite bounded interactions produce an agreement or an agreement-to-disagree. When a bounded dependence is reproduced it is called a contract.


A dependence of a pair of entities, in general, produces a transfer of meaningful information. The differences can be interpreted as analogical, ambiguous, contradictory or innovative depending on the perspective and context of the dynamic participants. These conflicts can be resolved by investigating their context and perspectives. Improving choice and working practice produces new distinctions which are changes in description or innovations.


Justice aims to maximise viability coherent with von Foerster's dictum of ethical outcomes increasing choice.


Stafford Beer analysed viability and autonomy as the starting point for the theory of management. When the goal-maintaining equilibrium-seeking feedback loop ceases to produce stability then ethical development or innovation is required. In any complex system when the pain of receiving inadequate feedback is too great a change of policy or working practice is indicated.

Key Techniques

Real time performance monitoring, alerting and accounting can produce risk assessment and choice in modelling an accountable development policy. Low cost eMoney and insurance for all (via e.g. Wimax enabled mobile telephony and computing) support. This enables holding suppliers and governments to their contracts through agreed individual and Group action. The crude tool of election is supported with continuous monitoring of the products of policy and the change of that policy in a timely manner. We start small. Contact us. We need help!

From these foundations the Just Contract method is produced.

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