Find an email address

You will need the email address of person with whom there is conflict. In the case of an organisation, any employee or agent of the company, enterprise or government department, can be contacted and asked to forward to the responsible person.

State the facts

Describe the agreement you have with the participant and state the facts that show the agreement has been broken. Offer more detail or clarification if requested. Report a breach of contract now.

New contracts

If you are entering into a new agreement or contract invite the participant to accept Just Contract conflict resolution protocol as part of the agreement. Send an invitation .


When a response is received further clarification or more detail might be required or agreement to agree or disagree achieved. If the conflict persists a third party faciliator will be appointed who will investigate the statements exchanged. The facilitator will ask for proposals for resolution from both parties. Request a facilitator

Still stuck?

Then you will have to go to law but you will have to pay the costs of the facilitator. The initial consultation is free.

Second opinions may always be sought. Request a second opinion.

Achievement can be reviewed as the process of contract continues. Request a review of contract milestones.

All transactions will be subject to anonymised statistical reporting. If a persistent conflict remains unresolved we will support group action.

Register with us and keep an acccount of your transactions. We will automatically alert when reminders are necessary.

Just Contract cybernetic theory.

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